Are you looking for a full day coverage? Or just 6 hours and an engagement shoot? Or what about just at the City Hall for an hour? Well, whatever your answer is, I can do them all! I'm a very flexible person who will cater to your need! My packages for both are as flexible as it can be. Oh, you also get unlimited communication from me! 


If you want to know more, all you have to do is CLICK BELOW! 


From 6 hours to full day coverage, I will make sure your wedding day is captured from start to end! I am a ninja as I can be, lurking in the shadows, capturing all the candid shots! You know what else? I can do both photos AND videos, all you have to do is ask! So, click away! 

City Halls

Are you just going to your city hall and get that "I DO!" as soon as possible? I capture those moments too! From San Francisco City Hall to your local city hall, I am at your service. Hours range from 1-3 hours and it can range to multiple packages of your choosing. Want to know more? Ask away!

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